Time to Stop Being the Victim

In today’s busy world, it is all too easy to ignore our wellbeing and forego time for ourselves, sending us into a never-ending grind of work routines—myself included. This neglect can lead to mental and physical health issues; feelings of depression, frustration, or panic; and may even lead to resentment in our relationships, causing us to feel like a victim. It is crucial that you take some “me-time” to take care of yourself and relieve some stress. Do not feel selfish about it because when you take care of yourself, you are better able to take care of those around you. There are no hard and fast rules for promoting self-love. Anything that refreshes you and makes you feel happy is a pathway to better wellbeing.

Here are some of the ways to stop being the victim and began to take care of yourself.  

  • Spend some time alone in a calm, quiet place. You can go for a morning walk or drink a cup of tea on the porch, but whatever it is that you do, don’t bring along your TV, laptop, or phone.
  • Analyze your life from a positive perspective. Acknowledge your accomplishments and encourage yourself to keep moving forward.
  • Read your favorite book or some poetry.
  • Focus your energy on inner beauty, rather than outward beauty.
  • Get up early in the morning, eat healthy throughout the day, exercise or practice some meditation, and go to bed early. This simple, healthy routine will keep your mind, body, and soul refreshed and on the right track.

Spend Time with Your Loved Ones

Spending time with your loved ones is food for the soul. We all need attention, love, and time to feel energized and refreshed. Here are some ways you can maximize your time with your family, partner, children, or other important people.

  • Plan specific activities that you love to do with your partner or kids, like a trip to a theme park or a movie night. These little trips will remind you how much you enjoy these people in your life and will help you focus on them.
  • If you are very busy, always try to plan ahead for family activities or events in order to avoid disappointing anyone by not being able to show up.
  • Give yourself a break from technology. Put away your phone, iPad, and laptop so that when you are with your loved ones, you are actually present in the moment.
  • Try new or creative ways to communicate with your partner and children one-on-one to promote feelings of mutual love and respect.
  • Use positive, affirming words to give off positive vibes.

Loving yourself is the first step toward loving and caring for other people. Being the victim serves no one, especially you; take charge of your emotions and your reactions, and empower yourself to be positive!

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  1. Yes, Dinaz, I’ve started this journey of weight-loss with you and myself in a very Positive note. I am going to achieve my goal very soon. I am a happier person and pledge to make people around me Happy.
    Love you.

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