Foolproof Ways to Lose Weight

For many people who are overweight, losing weight is not a simple, easy task. It requires significant changes to mindset, lifestyle, and emotions. Hopefully, this article can help you simplify it just a little bit:


One of the best ways to begin your weight loss journey or reach your health goal is by starting with a full, deep body cleanse. Select a cleanse that is not about starvation, however; rather, choose one that is about getting or resetting on the right track with the right nutrition. Your body’s systems are overrun with chemicals, toxins, and other poisons from the food that you eat, your lifestyle, and the environment.

It is these toxins that are often responsible for lacking energy, unnecessary added body weight, inability to fall asleep, and feelings of depression. A thorough and deep cleanse would not just help energize your body, but it will also boost your spirit and put you in a more positive mindset to help you see your desire turn into a reality.


Your goals and desire will only remain ideas until there is action taken to achieve them. When you know exactly what your goals are, when you map-out the strategies that you need, and when you commit to the actual date, you can start achieving them. This is important so that, instead of spending your time “thinking”, you can start “doing.” At some point, you need to stop talking about things and pull the trigger. Whatever goals you hope to achieve, they always require commitment. That only happens when excuses get out of your path and the outcomes become visible.

Find an enjoyable exercise routine

Everyone burns calories, but some burn more than other depending on lifestyle and activity choices. To reduce body weight, you need to partake in exercise programs that combine repeated high-interval weight and cardio exercises. Find some inspiring music, pick good areas where you can exercise that are convenient and comfortable, and make it more enjoyable all the time. Allocate one area in your home where you can do your exercising routine, or you can also build a small gym of your own using basic equipment like free weights, an exercise ball, and even piece of second-hand cardio equipment.

Keep Busy

Even if you are just staying at home, keep yourself busy all the time. If you’re going out and you’re driving, you can park some distance away from your destination so you can get some walking in. Do squats while picking up clothes, or make several trips up and down the stairs. If nothing else, make dancing your work out!

In the current scenario where the new normal is not being able to go workout because of the restrictions in place, social distancing, etc. our brain comes up with believable sounding rationalizations for sitting on our butts and feeling sorry for ourselves, and not burning off those excess calories. The lockdown is no reason to not workout. Follow these simple exercises from the comfort of your home and you will feel energized and get fit, without having to go to a gym.

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