You don’t have to figure out how to get fit and healthy on your own! You deserve to feel your best from inside out, and having your own Health & Wellness Coach can be the difference maker.

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Exercise is critical, but I make it fun for you. What you do all day with your body is what contributes to your fitness. Reprogram your mind to keep moving throughout the day.

Dinaz – Guinness World Record Holder/ Health Educator/ Entrepreneur/Motivational Speaker

I have been in the fitness industry for over 25 years now and provide individuals and corporates with an educational platform centered around coaching and mentoring in Fitness, Nutrition and Mind Programming.

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"My life has completely changed for the better since I joined Dinaz’s program. I always felt that losing weight was an impossible task and never realised it actually meant changing my lifestyle!!! I have achieved the goal I set out to, and now I have given myself another goal and I am very confident that, that too will be as easy or require same dedication!! Thank you Dinaz for bringing about this change in my life and my overall health".
Shahina Kavarana
"My journey with Dinaz has been more than just weight-loss. She put me on the path to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle without depriving myself of the things I like to do and the food I like to eat. Her programs are constantly evolving and her energy is contagious".
Dr. Shashikala Palkonda
"Dinaz has some of the best strategies that have helped me not only to lose weight but also to get fit and become a World Champion. She has rewired and reprogrammed my mind and my belief systems to become a world class player".
Saina Nehwal
Badminton Champion

7 Secrets To Losing Weight

An easy-to-digest guide to a healthy reset from the inside out.

Losing weight has become an obsession for people all over the world. Learn my secrets to losing weight easily and effectively without deprivation.

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