Most Common Reasons Why People Fail at Weight Loss

Many people hesitate to take that first step toward weight loss because of so many fears. There are others who have tried losing weight, but their reward is the same weight even after trying all kinds of weight loss methods. One of the reasons this happen is weight loss resistance.

Why do people fail in losing weight? This article aims to highlight some common reasons why people fail at achieving their weight loss goals. It is discouraging to see so many people try to shed fat and wholeheartedly follow advice for weight loss, but are still unable to get the results they want.

  1. Unrealistic Goals

In weight loss, it is vital that you have clear, attainable goals to success. Many people give up when the reality is far from their expectations. This is especially true when their efforts require time and a lot of perseverance. The way to overcome this is to set short, realistic goals.

  • Eating as a Coping Mechanism

Eating has to be pleasurable; however, many people make the mistake of using it as a coping mechanism when they are sad or stressed. This is unhealthy because it can lead to eating becoming a compulsive habit. Being mindful is essential to getting out of emotional eating and making rational choices to meet the true needs of your body.

  • Falling Prey to Fad Diets

People are always looking for quick fixes and the same applies to weight loss. Fad diets and starvation diets fall into this “quick fix” category. This is not the way to lose weight because they fail to take into account the complexity of the body. You may think that not eating will help you lose weight but in truth, it sends your body into starvation mode where it begins storing more fat!

  • Physiological Problems

There may be underlying physiological issues as to why you are not losing weight, even though you are sure you are doing everything right. If you suspect there might be something going on, get yourself checked so that functional medicine may step in to fix it. You may not be losing weight for a variety of reasons, such as gut problems, hormonal imbalances, or thyroid issues, all of which can be treated with medication.  

  • Weight Loss as Your Ultimate Goal

People often make the mistake of believing weight loss to be the end goal. It should not be. If your goal is only to lose weight, you are more prone to going after those “quick fixes,” because losing weight is the only thing they promise, and it is rarely in a healthy way. Weight gain is often not the root problem; it is a symptom of a more serious problem that you should direct your efforts toward, such as stress or an unhealthy lifestyle. The end goal should not be to lose weight but to improve your health.

Knowing the possible reasons why you cannot lose weight will help you figure out how to tackle the issue and achieve the healthier body you have always wanted. 

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